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Helping customers find the best wireless collocations to meet their needs is not a secondary business for us. It is our exclusive focus to serve as a liaison between wireless carriers and Duke Energy – helping carriers build robust, connected networks for our communities by leveraging existing infrastructure and real estate. We offer full, turnkey services and competitive, reasonable lease rates.

With PeakNet, Safety Comes First. Always.

We give more than lip service when it comes to safety, adhering to strict safety protocols and creating safe working conditions in sometimes hazardous and high-risk environments. With the most stringent safety measures in the business, we look out for the health, welfare and safety of everyone working on our sites, and help to ensure the safety of the people in the communities we serve.

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PeakNet is not the same company as Duke Energy Corporation's regulated utilities, including Duke Energy Carolinas, Duke Energy Florida, Duke Energy Kentucky, Duke Energy Indiana, Duke Energy Ohio and Duke Energy Progress ("Regulated Utilities").

PeakNet is not in any way sanctioned by the state utility commissions regulating the Regulated Utilities; Purchasers of products or services from PeakNet will receive no preference or special treatment from the Regulated Utilities; and a customer does not have to buy products or services from PeakNet in order to continue to receive the same safe and reliable electric or gas service from the Regulated Utilities. Nonpayment for these products or services may result in removal from the program, but will not result in disconnection of electric or gas service by the Regulated Utilities.THIS MESSAGE IS PAID FOR BY THE SHAREHOLDERS OF DUKE ENERGY CORPORATION.